Adding to the Forest

The Signpost Forest is the pride and joy of Watson Lake, and is a wonderful attraction for all ages. Everyone from all walks of life are welcome to add whatever they wish to it, but sadly, on rare occasions, signs may be removed, which is done by the Town of Watson Lake itself. This is not something the Municipality likes to do, as everyone loves seeing all of the wonder of the forest, but it is at times necessary for various reasons, mainly to keep the forest family friendly and fun for all ages! Below is some suggestions on what can make a good, long lasting sign that will stay in the forest for decades to come.

What can make a good sign:

  • Strong, thick materials such as metals, wood, and hard plastics
  • Materials that can withstand extreme wet, hot and especially cold temperatures (remember, it’s winter 6+ months of the year up here!)
  • Outdoor based paints, decals, and stickers
  • Signs that are securely mounted to the signposts so they can’t fall off

What can make a bad sign:

  • Paper, cardboard, thin plastics
  • Clothing, fabrics, plush toys
  • Text and images done with washable markers or pencils
  • Things that can rot, or are biodegradable

Things that may be removed from the forest:

  • Signs that have been completely worn away, broken, or crumbled, leaving it illegible
  • Anything vulgar, rude, slanderous or obscene
  • Anything naughty or adult (you’d be surprised how many people hang up underwear!)
  • Anything considered dangerous like weapons/tools that could be removed and used. Yes, there are things like saw, axes, and even firearms hiding in the forest, but they have all been rendered unusable and are secured to the posts.
  • Anything medically unsafe or a health threat, like needles, medical instruments, etc.

General rule of thumb, if it’s not something you would show a child, please think twice before posting it in the forest!